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Paul Hampton Says It All with 'The Greatest Mom On Earth'

Legendary Songwriter Offers Mother's Day Tribute

With star studded credentials spanning the length of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, legendary actor and award-winning songwriter Paul Hampton serves as a humble reminder that being adored by millions pales in comparison to being loved by the one who loved you first.

It is with that spirit that Hampton unveils his tribute to the most extraordinary, unsung heroes of all: our mothers. “The Greatest Mom On Earth” showcases the beauty of simplicity in a way that could only be captured by the most seasoned of writers.

Paul Hampton has unlocked the ability to withstand the test of time, managing to achieve the same level of intimacy evoked by family Sunday dinners, while simultaneously connecting with a global audience.

With songwriting accolades ranging from icons Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel, Hampton's “The Greatest Mom On Earth” upholds the creative integrity that has allowed his career to thrive for decades.

This Mother’s Day, Paul Hampton invites you to share “The Greatest Mom On Earth” with the one who deserves to hear it the most.   

Words & Music by Paul Hampton
Everyday would be Mother’s Day if I had my way.
All the sweetest thoughts I could gather up
Have been put into this ‘Gratitude Bouquet’.
Oh, no one loves you more than the one who loves you first.
I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the Greatest Mom on Earth
You taught me life can be a song when we harmonize
With the deepest part of somebody’s heart
In this troubled world that’s what we’re born to do.
The angels must be listening and they sent me these words: 
To sing a Happy Mother’s Day for the Greatest Mom on Earth
I’ll always remember you in everything I say and do.
But this maybe most of all:
That everyone out there is fighting a battle
When we lean on each other then none of us fall!
Oh, no one loves you more than the one who loves you first.
I wish a Happy ‘Every’ Day to the Greatest Mom on Earth.
I’ll always remember you
That everything you said was true.

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