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We’re Fallin’ In Love With Your Music Chad Bushnell!

Chad Bushnell, with calloused hands, a soft heart and cowboy boots, unleashes his inner Romeo in his latest single “Fallin’ In Love With You.” Unleashing his vulnerable side, and portraying the true impact that falling in love has on people, “Fallin’ In Love With You” is a classic country love song that deserves a spot on wedding playlists all over the country.

A soulful ballad intertwined with sentimental track shows that country boys aren’t all rough around the edges and are capable of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Holding nothing back, with honest lyrics and a soothing guitar; Bushnell may have cracked the code for the perfect country love song.

“I picture a couple on a date driving down a backroad listening to ‘Fallin’ In Love With You,’” shares the heart felt artist.

Enjoying every second of the songs creation, the passionate Chad Bushnell believes that “Fallin’ In Love With You” is a song anyone who has ever fallin’ in love can relate to.

Listen to "Fallin' In Love With You" Here:

For more on the lively country artist, visit and listen to “Fallin’ In Love With You’ out everywhere now.


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