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Tayiha Announces Youthfully Bliss Single "What I Needed"

Teen pop-r&b songstress, Tayiha describes the innocence of young love in her upcoming single “What I Needed” – coming November 28. Intuitive lyrics intertwined in soulful melodies, the Aussie projects the romantic simplicity of black and white films in a modern-day song with commercial dynamism.

“I’m a bit of a movie addict,” reveals Tayiha. “I took a lot of inspiration from different coming of age movies like The Notebook, Now and Then, and My Girl. I was also inspired by the relationships within my own life.”

Unapologetic, ambitious and driven, Tayiha has created immense momentum for herself, with her latest music video “Not Feeling This” featured on MTV Hits. Though outspoken and influenced by female powerhouses like Ellie Goulding and Alicia Keys, the young artist taps into her youthfulness in her brand new track. “What I Needed”shows a softer side, blissful and honest, contrary to her typical strong-willed nature. If one thing is for certain, even in this track, her confidence and charisma shine through.

“What I Needed” releases to all platforms on November 28, with a music video to follow. "Tayiha has such a beautiful soul, and it definitely shows on this new song," says Dawn DeJongh, owner of Burning Ground Entertainment. For more on Tayiha, follow her on social media @tayiha.official.


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