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Shelby Lee Lowe throws down the gauntlet with "Don't Speak" cover

When the opportunity arises to set himself apart from the crowd, Shelby Lee Lowe doesn't shy away.

Armed with the ability to sing a wide-range of music, he stepped into the world of 90s rock, and pulled out a smash hit from girl-powered No Doubt, led by former NBC's The Voice judge Gwen Stefani.

"I think it would be cool to put out a song from the 90s everybody knows and put a different spin on it," Lowe said. "I always though this song would be a cool country song."

The video has a psychedelic feature, which made the shoot fun and unique. 

"Having to get people to act like they're on drugs when they aren't is interesting," he said. "But I appreciate everyone for being great and making the shoot amazing."


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