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Shari Rowe will be "Home for Christmas (Underneath the Desert Sky)"

Sand. Not what you’d typically think of for Christmas right? Well aspiring country songstress Shari Rowe says otherwise. Her new single, Home for Christmas (Underneath Desert Skies) puts an original twist on the old Christmas tradition of a snow covered landscape. Rowe brings a fresh flavor to Christmas music by adding a little country twang to the old-fashioned holiday sound and flips some seasonal tropes on their heads.

Being from Arizona, Shari Rowe didn’t have what many may consider to be the quintessential classic Christmas. Arizona didn’t have snow, cold, or frost covered trees. Her unique Christmas experiences help Rowe’s song standout among all of the other more old-fashioned Christmas tunes. Home for Christmas (Underneath of Desert Skies) is something that will delight listeners no matter where they're from. Shari’s genuine vocal delivery and the sincerity of the lyrics in this song make it truly standout and drives home the overall message that Shari is conveying. Home for Christmas (Underneath of Desert Skies) is all about the heart of what makes Christmas special, being home with family, friends, and other loved ones. 

If you're looking to put a little twang in your Christmas while still getting to enjoy all of the holiday heart, look no further than Shari Rowe’s contemporary Christmas classic. Even if your holidays are snow covered and icy, Shari Rowe’s country Christmas hit is one of the most relatable Christmas songs released in recent memory. Home for Christmas (Underneath of Desert Skies) will put you right in the holiday spirit and is well worth taking a listen to. 

Article by: Adrian Connolly


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