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Lexi Cline is Living The High Life in “Martinis In The Clouds”

Pop singer-songwriter Lexi Cline’s new single “Martinis In The Clouds” is all about unapologetically savoring the state of being crazy about someone. She compares it with being on a fancy private plane: "flying me with you to an island, feeling, flying, sipping Caribou”, just like the beginning of a heavenly, glamorous vacation. Lexi’s voice is sweet, quiet and sexy, like someone whispering into her lovers ear as she says: "You don’t need no plane the way you sweep me up, But boy since you got one boy make me your plus.” The music is scarcely instrumented with harsh keyboard chords, doubled by gritty electric guitar and backed by a simple drum beat, embodying brilliantly the passion for and focus on one another. She flies on Could Number 9 as she sings in the chorus: "Never coming down, my life became a party ever since you came around”, comparing her bliss with the luxuries of high society life. At the end of the song you hear the captain of the plane announcing “a light snack and a beverage” will be served shortly. Yes please!


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