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Gold Coast Country-Pop Artist Chloe Styler Releases New Song “Read A Room.”

"Yeehaw Pop" artist Chloe Styler breaks our hearts with her new single “Read A Room,” released May 31st, 2024. The Gold Coast native brings a relatable story of a failed situationship to Nashville.

"isn't he so lucky I know how to read a room?!"

The Aussie artist shares, “This was the second time in a few months that a man had ghosted, so it was a hot topic in all my conversations with friends and co-writers while in Nashville. One thing I kept saying was “isn’t he so lucky I know how to read a room?!”… and from there the song was born!”

“Read A Room” tells the well known tale of a situationship gone silent. To all the women that have had the date of their lives but still haven't gotten a call back- this song is your new anthem. The Australian singer-songwriter highlights the empowerment of no longer accepting empty promises and choosing to take matters into your own hands. 

Having debuted in the BlueBird Cafe in Nashville, Chloe is testing the limits of pop with her country twist. With her first EP ‘Side B’ earning a nomination for “Release of the Year” at the Gold Coast Music Awards, and performing at her sold-out global headline release show, it is safe to say that Styler is going to continue to rise in the country pop scene with “Read A Room.”


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