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Nashville Collective, The Bar Frogs, Release Debut Children's Single, "Skunky Monkey"

The Bar Frogs announce the release of their debut single and accompanying music video, “Skunky Monkey.” They are often referred to as “The Greatest Animated Country Band in The History of Animated Country Bands.” Randolph, Lair, Bull, Deezy and Nigel have been hard at work on their new EP, which will include 6 songs each with its own animated music video to be released later this year.  The talented amphibians are not afraid to address hard hitting issues like taking a bath, brushing your teeth, cleaning your room and being nice to others.

Jordan from The Country Music Critic Podcast writes, “Finally!!! As a father, finding a way to introduce my children to country music without exposing them to mature subject matter has proven to be very difficult. The Bar Frogs have unleashed their superpower. Using superb vocals alongside studio level musicians, these animations are a God send to anyone raising children. 24 hours later, my three year old is still singing Skunky Monkey.”


The Bar Frogs were created, written and produced by songwriter Randy Barber. The Little Rock, Arkansas native has had numerous songs recorded throughout his 25 year career in Nashville, including ones cut by Larry Fleet, Eric Lee Beddingfield with George Jones, Creed Fisher and Jacob Bryant. 

The idea stemmed from playing kid’s songs on his guitar for his niece. “When I looked at the children’s music that was out there, in my opinion it was very generic and had low production value. So, I set out to create high quality original music that children could enjoy,” said Barber. This realization sparked the idea and development of a band of animated frogs that sing clean, upbeat, positive songs for children.

The process of bringing the project to market has taken over 10 years. Writing, recording and animation all took a back seat while Randy went through a liver transplant. Now after a successful recovery, it is time to bring “The Bar Frogs” to the world. 


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