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“WHATEVER” - JD Reynolds’ Electric Debut Album

With all that’s going on in the world, all of us need something to take our minds out of the doom scroll and into some fun. JD Reynolds is taking us to the joy and fun in her world in the sparkling debut album “WHATEVER”. 

“WHATEVER”, written and produced by JD herself, already boasts two #1 hits on Australian Country Radio. “8 Seconds” and “A Little Piece of Your Heart” were two of the lead singles for this project, and they launched her in front of a wide and eager audience, each garnering hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. Her fans aren’t just excited, they’re dedicated: at JD’s performance at the PBR Ranch Invitational, she was the only sold out event by the organization in 2022. She’s graced the covers of Nashville Country Music Magazine and Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and was even labelled “country’s new ‘it’ girl”. 

Whatever “it” is, it’s clear that JD has plentiful. She’s a bundle of joy and energy, constantly working to make her music and herself better. Her background as a dancer and award winning choreographer shows in her music; it’s music to dance to. At its core, “WHATEVER” is a self love project that speaks to a simple theme: you are worth so much more than you think. Whether that’s in her sassy karma anthem “Hourglass Sand” or in the sisterhood title track “Whatever”, you’re sure to leave the album feeling more confident than you started it. 

Stream “WHATEVER” now on all listening platforms, and keep up with JD at @jdreynolds official on all social media platforms. Learn more about her and her story at


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