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Barista Releases the First Volume of his Extensive Album “Open Sesame”

Barista, the Istanbul-based music artist, has consistently produced music that challenges the extents of rock, often incorporating experimental rock elements with psychedelic tunes in his previous two albums, “57” and “Daydream”. Barista’s latest album is a monumental effort, one that trounces all his previous single and album releases and a project so large it has to be released in five volumes.

“Open Sesame: Volume 1” is the first attempt at this ambitious album release, and in the album, Barista gives fans a taste of the kind of music they have come to expect from him. The album is filled with rock music, but the experimental approach to the music and the blend of classical with progressive rock styles clearly illustrates a maturity in his music that has developed over the years.

Born Bahadır Han Eryılmaz, Barista is an indie artist who fully embraces the avant-garde and ties it together with his willful enthusiasm and his limitless adventurous nature. He uses this to curate a great musical vehicle through which he delivers his life stories and his often remarkable lyrics. He is full of energy, a trait that reflects in the vibrant nature of his music.

“Open Sesame: Volume 1” is a very diverse album, but its predominant laid-back nature prevails for most of it. With music such as Her Dress and Walk In My Shoes, the overwhelming mood is muted melancholy. In others like Circular Lives and Disco Sun, project a much more energetic mood on account of its psychedelic beats.

The first volume of “Open Sesame” was released on April 16th and is a precursor for more and much better music to come from the artist, especially in 2021. While the release dates for subsequent volumes of the album have not yet been disclosed, if they are half as good as the first volume, Barista will be in for a very successful year.


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