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Mark Mackay Finds Healing With ​Always Rains in Portland

Mark Mackay discovers that the sun always shines after a rainy day with a song inspired by his best friend’s struggles and cancer diagnoses. He penned ​Always Rains in Portland as crucial reminder to focus on the daily blessings and bright moments, despite it being easy to drown in life’s hardships. An ode to solace, Mark Mackay will release Always Rains in Portland this Friday, December 6. Describing the inspiration behind the song, Mackay says, “I went to visit him [my best friend] and I asked, ‘how do you like Portland?’ and he said, ‘it always rains in Portland.’ That sounds like a song... it always rains in Portland but the sun always shines on me... he didn’t want cancer but kept on fighting and finding the bright side of life.” With a vocal delivery and guitar performance that evoke the sound of a young Willie Nelson and story telling reminiscent of Neil Young, Always Rains in Portland​ showcases Mackay’s ability to capture a compelling, simplistic performance by the breadth of his illustrative artistry. Channeling his best friend’s favorite fingerpicking style, the new single illuminates this skilled guitarist’s county and rock blends. Rounding out a momentous 2019, ​Always Rains in Portland​ will solidify Mackay’s goal of making it the best year of his career yet. The western troubadour’s relentless spirit secured opening slots for stars Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton as well as the success of his previous single Get Me Through The Night​. “[The single] could have been about my friend, could have been a guy who’s wife passed away, lost his job, divorced, who knows. But he’s headed there and will find the bright side.”

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