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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 28, 2022) -- Old Time Music singer/songwriter, Zachariah Malachi, has announced the release of the third single, “Again I Get To Missin' You,” off his much anticipated upcoming album. The song was written by Zachariah Malachi and produced by Michele Voan Capps at TMC Recording Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee and mixed by Mark Capps. Studio musicians who added their personal touch include acoustic guitar played by Joey Key, Ben Isaacson upright bass, Greg Ritchie on drums, fiddle by Andy Leftwich, piano by Tim Atwood, Charlie McCoy added harmonica and vibraphone, pedal steel guitar was added by Mike Johnson and electric guitar by Kelly Black. Stream and download “Again I Get To Missin' You” on all digital music platforms

“Musically, it sounds to me like Zachariah is standing at the crossroads of Roots Country and Americana, however, he is forging his own path and the road ahead looks like a path well-chosen. His sound is fresh, yet reminiscent of yesterday. His stories are not new, but you have never heard them told this way before. Give him a listen, I think you will like what you hear!” exclaimed Grand Ole Opry member, Jeannie Seely.

The song was written about missing someone that is no longer yours. "I'm being torn from what is moral, wishing I were out just walkin' in his shoes." It is wrong to covet a love that is no longer yours, but you wish so much you could be the person that is loved by your former significant other. It's a terrible feeling.

“Well, I’m stuck without a reason

A common trend that has just eaten up my life

Yet another situation

We all know it never lives up to its hype

I’m not alone but I am lonely

And a victim to the night’s transcendent blues

And when the mornin’ hits my eyelids

Again, I get to missin’ you…”

Zachariah wrote the song essentially because he was in an odd in-between spot with someone who he felt had feelings for him, but also seemed to be in a relationship with someone else. They were good friends and kept getting clues that emotions were involved, but at the end of the day, she always seemed to close her emotions and go back to the other life she was living. There really is no message to the song except for the fact that he was falling for someone who he had to let go.

Zachariah was obsessed with the lonesome moan of Hank Williams. Picking up rhythm guitar at an adolescent age, he strived to be a hillbilly singer like many of his mentors. On many Fridays and Saturdays, you could find him singing in local bars before he was even of age to taste any whiskey.

Stay current with Zachariah Malachi on his website Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music,Amazon Music and more.


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