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John Michael Ferrari Shines in “Bring Me Home”

NASHVILLE, TN - It’s not often that a songwriter can capture the heartache and bittersweetness of death, but John Michael Ferrari shows his colors as a true storyteller in “Bring Me Home”. His latest EP, “Soldiers Prayer”, is grounded in his gripping lyricism, and “Bring Me Home” is certainly no exception. 

John Michael Ferrari accepting the "Peace Song of the Year" award

The singer-songwriter wrote the song as his faithful dog, RJ, had finally reached old age and was dying. The song’s narration and perspective is that John Michael Ferrari was taking RJ for his last walk, but it was the singer and not the dog who was passing away. With lyrics that shine and speak to the sweetness and sadness of a fading life, “Bring Me Home” is sure to tug on the heartstrings in all the right places. 

Listen to “Bring Me Home”, off of the EP “Soldiers Promise”, on all streaming platforms. For more information about the singer-songwriter, visit his website at .


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