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The MIC DROP Experience: Coming Juneteenth to Dallas

This Juneteenth, Darius West presents THE MIC DROP EXPERIENCE - a once in a lifetime event, hosted at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX on Friday, June 19. Focusing on finding the importance of community, the event aims to bring together the most influential Christian Hip Hop [CHH] artists, where they will perform live for the first time in decades. Pulling inspiration from a new grassroots generation dedicated to Christian Hip Hop artists from the 1980’s, THE MIC DROP EXPERIENCE is the first event of its kind to chronicle the culture and journey of Christian Hip Hop from its inception to its present-day influence. Commemorating the success and development of the genre, THE MIC DROP EXPERIENCE will highlight the struggles, challenges, and achievements of the Christian Hip Hop community.

Bringing notable artists together such as Stephen Wiley and Michael Peace, THE MIC DROP EXPERIENCE is setting the stage for up-and-coming artists like Street Hymns and Shyspeaks to take Christian Hip Hop to new heights. In bridging the generational gap, West hopes to highlight the pioneers who brought Christian Hip Hop to life, and those who continue to help the genre thrive.

Visit MIC DROP’s website at:


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