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Stephen Martines' Country Power Ballad “Chasing Summer”

Actor Stephen Martines drops another smash single “Chasing Summer”! It’s a story about a casual romantic encounter at the beach becoming more than it was supposed to be. But he only finds out how he feels about this lady when he’s already left and it might be too late, because all he knows is that her name is Summer, : ”I can’t believe I never thought to ask her last name. On the last darkest night I didn’t think twice about going our separate ways. So I kissed her goodbye and I drove away”, he sings. He turns around and goes looking for her, wondering: "Is she gone with the wind? Carried away by the warm deep sea breeze. Was she looking for me, Hopin I’m feeling the same thing?”.

The song is a power ballad swooping you off your feet instantly, Stephen Martines legit and full bodied country vocals washing over you like the ocean he met her at.

The multi talented St. Louis native keeps delivering amazing music. He posted a video on Instagram sharing what the song means to him, saying it encapsulates the “sweetness of nostalgia”, the story of love and loss and understanding that no matter how dark the place might be that you’re in right now, “the sun is always gonna shine, summer is always coming back!”


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