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SINGLE REVIEW: Patricia Bahia's "Hold On"

Award winning singer songwriter, Patricia Bahia, released a new single “Hold On” on September 9th, 2021. Bahia is a cancer survivor who lives her bucket list and inspires others to do the same and make the most of this life we have. Patricia’s music is very melodic pop with hints of folk, soft rock and electronic music. Her music has been featured in many different films and TV shows such as Riverdale, The Hills, Selling Sunset, Pretty Little Liars and Nashville.

“Hold On” was written by Bahia to help encourage a friend who was struggling with mental health and in a really bad place. This is a track that has such an uplifting spirit and vibe to it that provides the listener with a level of encouragement and inspiration.

Bahia draws so much energy in the chorus that it makes you feel like you are going to overcome your struggles and conquer whatever it is you are suffering through in life. The music is powerful and so well done! I really like the subtle piano playing in the background that you can hear throughout and the guitar playing is perfect. I really enjoy the finger picking chord progression in the beginning of the song that continues throughout the track. Patricia Bahia’s voice takes center stage in “Hold On” but the instrumental music does such a good job in supporting her voice and providing that extra layer of depth to the track. I think “Hold On” definitely accomplishes its original goal of helping someone feel better and rise above their struggles and challenges that they are going through!

You can stream “Hold On” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Patricia Bahia on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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