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Shake Dat A**

Found this new track called "Shake Dat A**" by DoddaDaSavage featuring Drippy $lip that came out a little over a week ago and everything about it is absolutely fire guys you all got to check this out . Their voices are so smooth with this beat as well as having some really good lyrics to go with it, and it's kind of like a club type track you could picture hearing at like a strip club getting a lap dance but with a hint of emo vibes which I personally think is pretty dope. It's different then the normal stuff we've been hearing from artists here lately it's got emotion , nastiness , and the energy alot of artists are lacking nowadays. I also felt like this song will grab more audiences then normal strip club music with that hint of emo because not everyone likes that Cardi B style, and this will not only get the attention of the people that don't listen to that stuff but also the people that do which makes this track even more awesome. This is the type of music we've been wanting, and Its definitely a must listen song of 2022. I've actually listened to DoddaDaSavage before and he never misses every track is magic. I just listened to several of Drippy $lips songs also, and I can tell you they are both artists to keep an eye out for. Dodda has told me he has several new songs coming very soon, and so does his friend Drippy, so you know we are going to be anxiously waiting to see what's next . Go stream , add to your playlist and share this heaven sent track with all your friends they are going to want to hear this.

Spotify : IG : @doddadasavage @drippyslip

FOLLOW ON SOCIALS: @doddadasavage & @drippyslip on IG


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