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Sam Bartells' Lets Go

Sam Bartells brings a new and refreshing approach to country music with his new project Let's Go. The project is Bartells' first full length project as well as his debut EP. The New Zealand singer-songwriter delivers an unfeigned project filled with passion and honesty. His distinct vocals and heartfelt lyrics bring his songs filled with personal stories and emotions to life.

Let's Go takes the listener down an emotional journey of storytelling. The project shares personal stories of Bartells' dark past, his struggle with alcohol abuse and his road to sobriety. The candid project goes into depth about hitting rock bottom and bringing himself back up. It's a reflection on his journey and finding his path in life. The project is an open diary with rich meaningful lyrics.

The New Zealand singer-songwriter's unique vocals are enough to carry this carefully crafted EP on its own but his soulful lyrics and storytelling produce an artistically creative and extraordinary project. The project is unlike any other music out of Nashville with its raw, brutally honest lyrics and authentic vocals.

 The 5 track EP is available for streaming now.


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