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Payton Howie Celebrates America on New Track

We’ve partied in the USA with Miley Cyrus, celebrated Independence Day with Martina McBride, and watched the fireworks shower down on us with Katy Perry. Now, Payton Howie is back with a new single aptly titled “Freedom” that celebrates everything that makes America great. On this track, Howie talks about the various things that make her feel “free” in America; from lukewarm Coors Light to the Friday night lights at football games. This song encompasses all of the beauty that can be captured as a teenager in America.

From the strong lyrics celebrating our country to Howie’s impressive vocal performance, this track is a standout. Showcasing her velvet-smooth vocals over vulnerable lyrics that talk about the love shared between a relationship and their love of our country, the song goes down easy like a smooth shot of Jameson. The midtempo pacing of the song allows for Howie’s vocals and lyrics to truly take the spotlight here, driving the song forward. “Colors that don’t run / I’m proud of where I’m from / Oh that feels like freedom,” she sings on the chorus.

Payton Howie’s latest track, “Freedom,” is available now on all major streaming platforms:


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