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Nate DiRuzza Allows Being "Heartless" to Heal His Broken Heart

Nate DiRuzza, the rock ’n’ pop Romeo is not feeling so romantic with his latest single. “Heartless” tells the apathetic tale of loosing the girl he thought would be the one. Despair, heartbreak and a disinterest to create music, this breakup was unlike anything DiRuzza has every experienced.

Typically, when the passionate singer found himself heartbroken he would pump out multiple songs through those emotion-packed days. But this breakup was so heart wrenching that he could not write a single song during this period of life.

Luckily for the “Heartless” singer two of his friends wrote a song for him to perfect. And “Heartless” was born.

Now, with a brand new music video to accompany his emotional single fans can understand the meaning of “Heartless” at a whole new level.

A steamy music video admits a melodramatic single, this 70’s inspired music video is not one you want to miss. Sexy, groovy and sentimental the novelistic story is brought to live.

With each and every single he releases, Nate DiRuzza is continuing to make a name for himself in the Nashville music scene. Vulnerable, impassioned and everything in between, DiRuzza brings honest storytelling to his folk rock ’n’ pop music. For more on Nate DiRuzza and his powerful music, visit and follow @NateDiRuzza on all social media platforms!


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