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Josh Christina Brings Rockabilly Sound to a New Generation

An old soul in a young body, Josh Christina brings the rockabilly sound to new generation. His most recent release Let’s Get Woke harkens back to the piano playing greats of the 50’s and 60’s. Names like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Fats Domino all come to mind when listening to Christina. Don’t let this fool you though, his songwriting style is anything but old-fashioned. Christina builds on the shoulders of these rock ’n’ roll giants to create a sound that is truly original and all his own. 

Josh Christina’s most recent single Let’s Get Woke features a driving boogie-woogie piano line that pushes the song along and his backing band provide delightful accompaniment for this upbeat tune. Let’s Get Woke tells the story of someone coming out of their shell at a party on a Friday night. This an experience that most young people go through but its often hard to put into words. Somehow, Christina seems to have found the right words and style for this all too common coming of age experience.

For someone so young, Josh Christina embraces the older generation of musicians with open arms. Hs willingness to incorporate the classics into his songwriting style has put him lightyears ahead of his contemporaries. It seems as though Christina has a lot to say and he knows just how to say what’s on his mind. This young man has his own style and this is what makes Let’s Get Woke well worth listening to.

Article by: Adrian Connolly


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