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John Michael Ferrari Releases "Music with You"

John Michael Ferrari makes a shining return with his brand new track “Music With You” – out now. Ferrari's newest soft rock release is brimming with groovy instrumentals as smooth as his vocals. “Music With You” shares a message of togetherness and camaraderie, two things John Michael Ferrari felt necessary to relay to listeners.

"I love entertaining and 'Music With You' is particularly important to me because I wrote it for and to my audience sharing with them directly 'I want to music with you, share the light,’” says John Michael Ferrari.

“Music With You” is made for Ferrari’s audience with true intention. Connecting with his listeners, Ferrari says there is never a stranger in the audience. Starting his music career during his late teens but never truly songwriting until 1990, Ferrari’s songwriting course is just beginning. He has received multiple songwriting awards and loves what he does. With many years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, Ferrari is thankful for his fans who inspired his recent release.

John Michael Ferrari's "Music with You" is available now on all streaming platforms, with the Lyric Video out now on his YouTube channel. For more on John Michael Ferrari, visit his website at


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