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Frank Fletcher's Newest Single "Cold, Dark & Lonely" Chronicles Life on the Road

Nashville, TN – October 6 marked the release of Frank Fletcher's latest single, "Cold, Dark & Lonely," a heartfelt reflection on the challenging realities of life on the road. With a schedule that often exceeds 200 shows a year, Fletcher's new song provides a raw and honest account of the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a traveling musician.

"The road isn't always glamorous," Fletcher acknowledges. "The highs are really high, but the lows can sometimes be exceptionally low. Musicians are always torn between their music, the demands of life on the road, and their longing for home. The highway can be a lonely place, but it's worth it, especially when your music resonates with your fanbase and listeners, and they can feel the emotions poured into the music."

Fletcher's new single doesn't just speak to fellow musicians but also resonates with truckers, travelers, and anyone who's experienced the bittersweet nature of being constantly on the move. As he reflects on a recent month-long tour in South Dakota and regular shows along the Gulf Coast and beyond, it's clear that "Cold, Dark & Lonely" is a testament to the very real experiences of many people.

"Cold, Dark & Lonely" is set to be available on all major music platforms, and it promises to be the soundtrack of countless lives within the industry and beyond.

To keep up with Frank Fletcher's musical journey and learn more about his work, visit his website at You can also follow him on TikTok @frankfletchermusic and Instagram @frankfletchermusic1 to get a glimpse of the man behind the music as he continues to share his life on the road with the world.


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