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Flatland Cavalry "War With My Mind" The Next Waltz

Flatland Cavalry record "War With My Mind" produced by Bruce Robison "I wrote that song years ago when I was still living in Lubbock, TX. I remember feeling really low after coming home from The Road; having to transition from a showman in front of a large crowd to being alone in my small, dusty, couch-less apartment. My fiance, Kaitlin Butts, would come visit me as often as she could (she lived five hours away at the time in Ardmore, OK). One day she came to visit, I had a realization. I realized that I wouldn’t always feel "stuck" or lonely and that this lonesome chapter was just that— a small chapter in the big book of life. She sat down with me and helped me write it all down. The last verse is hopeful as I realized that better days are always in front of you, not behind you." - Cleto Cordero The Next Waltz is a music label created by hit singer-songwriter, Bruce Robison, designed to navigate the new digital frontier. Our goal is to produce music that sounds and feels like authentic country should, while using our platform to provide a community of support and development for Texas music.


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