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Find Your Escape in RAYE and 070 Shake's Hit Single

British singer-songwriter RAYE and American rapper/singer 070 Shake have collaborated to design the highly addictive track “Escapism.” Released in October of 2022, the song has lived on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for 14 weeks and currently stands at #33. The passionate pop song interprets the heartache and anguish of a breakup with a powerful beat and striking lyrics.

“Escapism.” Floods into listeners ears and seeps deep into the cracks of broken hearts. The haunting melody topped with veracious lyrics reveals the gut wrenching yet relatable pain of a breakup. Despite the distressing story depicted in “Escapism.” the song holds a dynamic energy. RAYE and 070 Shake twist the universal hurt of heartbreak into an anthem for anybody coping a lost relationship.

Watch the “Escapism.” music video below:

You can listen to “Escapism.” on all streaming platforms. To stay updated with RAYE and 070 Shake you can visit their respective websites at and


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