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How are you taking charge of your music right now?

I think the best way, for me at least, to take charge of my music is by taking risks. I am always trying to push myself to do something new with each release so I'm not getting stuck in a flow and getting bored. I think it's the duty of the artist to grow and change with their listeners!

How are you charging up for your next release?

There's going to be lots of fun new content coming out with this new release, we're working on some new videos, live streams, and our webcomic Life Of Marco will be resuming with a season 2 as well! I'm really excited for everyone to see and hear all we've been working so hard on over this past summer!

What is a big declaration you want to make known when it comes to your music?

I guess if there's any big declaration in my music it's that I'm making the exact kind of music I want to make. Of course, you always love when other people love your music as much as you did making it, but at the end of the day if you aren't making the music to please yourself and your own creative feelings, you'll feel empty. So I hope that will inspire other up-and-coming artists that I know to take the risks they might at first be afraid to take, because if your listeners really do like you as a musician, they will appreciate that as well.

Is there more of you as an artist that fans haven't seen yet?

Absolutely! Our first few releases were only the beginning, there's still so many other sounds I want to try!

What do you have lined up performance wise for your fans?

Well since we're finally getting back into the swing of doing live performances, we're planning to do as many local and non-local shows as possible later this year and next year, stay tuned to our social media for upcoming dates!

Is there something that you could take it or leave it when it comes to the music industry?

I guess if there was one specific thing it would be the business side. The creative stuff and the performance stuff are the fun, but the business side is not where I thrive quite as much! But that's why we're so lucky to have a great management team at BSquared to help us with those parts we're not as good at navigating!

Before you get into what you'll be making next, what is something that is the deal breaker for you on whether the project gets made?

I think for me the only huge deal breaker for a project is if I feel like my heart's not totally in it. If I really feel like it's going to be great and I'm passionate about it, I'll do whatever I can to make sure it gets finished and gets out there. But if at all it feels like I'm just going through the motions or just doing it because I feel like I have to, I have to stop and realize it's not going to work. If your heart's not in it, your listeners will know, and nobody wins that way!

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