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Eternally Effervescent: Kel Adore is "Still A Child" at Heart

When life gives her lemons, Kel Adore creates a zestfully savory concoction. This time, Kel celebrates our inner youthful spirit and optimistic resilience with her new single “Still A Child” – releasing August 12. Endlessly imaginative and charismatic, Kel Adore shows that no matter the age, we are still just kids at heart with plenty of growth and learning still to come.

"'Still A Child' explores how no matter what we go through, we are all just a bunch of kids at heart," exclaims Kel. "Things happen that we feel unprepared for or unequipped to handle. Sometimes we just need to tap into our childlike selves, before all the distractions and trauma and confusion, to get back on the right path."

Playfully pop with electronic energy, “Still A Child” might be one of Kel’s most personal releases yet. “Once we came up with the hook ‘I’m Still a Child’, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate children’s voices in the final arrangement," explainsthe LA-based model and artist. "Lucky for me I have 12 nieces and nephews to draw upon, so I asked my siblings to record voice memos of their kids singing and shouting. Each of their recordings was so cute and fun, and I’m so happy it worked out to include them.”

"Still A Child" is available now for pre-save on Spotify. For more on Kel Adore, follow her on Instagram @keladoremusic, and TikTok and Twitter @keladore.



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