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Dream Couple Julia Michaels and JP Saxe Duet on “How Gross” They Love

After the beautiful and later on ironically fitting 2019 hit “If The World Was Ending”, love birds Julia Michaels and JP Saxe release yet another make your heart melt duet for the holidays season called “Kissin’ In The Cold”. The sweet and gentle piano ballad is about how around Christmas time we often take inventory of all the things that have changed so much again: “another friend who moves away, (…) my sister has a baby now (…) I hardly recognize this busy town”, but how we can take comfort in the fact that : “no matter what there’s Christmas and there’s us” and "there’s one thing I know, we’ll still be kissing’ in the cold”.

No matter how overwhelming it is to keep up with everything, to watch the passing of time change everything yet again, there’s those moments that make time go away, that happen outside of it, that make us feel safe.

Julia Michaels has said that their relationship was “thriving” in quarantine and their new song collaboration let’s us witness their bliss just a little more. A cute and festive lyric video is available on Youtube.

Both artists each have a full length album coming out in 2021, we can guess what they’ll be singing about!


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