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Dariann Leigh’s Beautiful Christmas Ballad is a Sweet Moment of Grief

Around this time and especially this year Dariann Leigh’s Christmas single “Gift I miss” comes back around to soothe and to provide comfort. If you’re missing a loved one this season, someone that should have been there like all the years before, then this song will speak to you. “Gift I miss” is a calm and peaceful piano ballad offering some space to remember a special person in your life and to acknowledge the feelings that come with losing them. "All your presents were wrapped in bows last Christmas and this year they won’t be under the tree”, Dariann sings as she’s slowly and thoughtfully wrapping gifts in her music video to the song.

She remembers that person’s favorite things about Christmas, the twinkling lights and “when you finally saw that Santa game", and takes us on an emotional journey through hurt, sadness, precious memories and faith: "sometimes I swear that I can feel you here”. Not only the lyrics but also Dariann’s phenomenal talent as a vocalist are what guides the listener through the motions with such grace, wether her voice gathers momentum when she's fighting the truth or if it's calm and accepting.

The beautiful ending of the song is an attempt to keep the missing loved one around, if only in her heart: "No matter what I do, I still won’t open that last gift for you”.

Check out the lyric video here:


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