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Cody Howell Sparks the Country Scene with Debut Single "Any Way You Go"

In a surprising twist of fate, country music's newest sensation, Cody Howell, has defied convention by dropping his debut single "Any Way You Go" earlier than expected, on a particularly auspicious Friday the 13th. The song, a perfect anthem for bonfire Friday nights and small-town weekends, has already become the talk of the town.

Cody Howell, though a fresh face in the country scene, brings a wealth of experience to the table. His vocal talents have graced none other than Dolly Parton's upcoming rock album, Rockstar, where he contributed backing vocals. Now, Howell is ready to carve his own path with the release of his debut single, produced by industry heavyweight Kent Wells. With a determination to make a lasting impact, Cody Howell is set to make waves in the music industry, creating a resonance that echoes across the countryside.

"'Any Way You Go' is a come-as-you-are type of tune," explains Howell. "I've been blessed to know and be around good crowds of people. Back home in Kansas, every weekend we'd all meet up, just like every town, good people having good times."

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to experience the infectious energy and feel-good vibes that Cody Howell brings to the table. Dawn DeJongh, owner of Burning Ground Entertainment, expresses excitement about Howell's potential, stating, "Cody is a great emerging new talent already working at an esteemed level. We are thrilled to watch him continue to develop into the artist he is destined to be, with the help of his first song release."

With lyrics that celebrate the diversity of choices and experiences, "Any Way You Go" paints a vivid picture of the shared joy found in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's going with the girls, the good ol boys, or dancing in a yellow sundress, Cody Howell's debut single promises a musical journey that transcends boundaries.

As the country music community eagerly anticipates Cody Howell's future releases, fans can stay connected with the emerging artist through his website and social media channels @codyhowellcountry. The early release of "Any Way You Go" is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career in the world of country music.

Be sure to watch Cody Howell's lyric video for "Any Way You Go" here!


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