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Singer/songwriter, Chris Hennessee has released his second single, “Blacktop Blues,” co-written by Hennessee and long-time friend, Trent Willmon, off his long-awaited and upcoming EP, Twilight In The South Vol 1. Co-producer Cody Leppo and Hennessee wanted to capture the 70s “Outlaw” sound, with this tune, so production was kept minimal, focusing on the acoustic, and they cranked the bass wide open for this one, which set the tone for the rest of the album. Stream and download "Blacktop Blues" on all digital platforms here.

“Blacktop Blues” is a driving song,” Chris Hennessee notes. “Trent and I wrote this one with that in mind, something that makes ya want to just go faster”.

“Blacktop Blues” was the catalyst for the entire project. Hennessee knew it was time to work on some new music, but did not quite have the spark until this song came around. Trent Willmon and I have spent our fair share of time on tour through the years, and we wanted to write a song that focused on the intricacies of road life. This song covers everything from truck stop food to sleeping in a bunk going 80 mph down the interstate.

“Hotter than a sun spot Jezebel

Colder than a north pole winter

Dreamin’ bout grandma’s apple pie

Having Stale Saltine’s for dinner

Runnin’ like a green broke year old stud

Kickin’ up dust and slingin’ red mud

Just tryin’ not to make the news

No matter what I take I can’t shake

These Blacktop Blues …”

Chris Hennessee is currently on tour supporting his new music. Catch up with him at a tour date below:

Chris Hennessee Tour Dates:

7-9-21 - Asheville, NC - RabbitRabbit Asheville w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-10-21 - St Augustine, FL - St Augustine Amphitheater w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-15-21 - Augusta, GA - Bell Auditorium w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-16-21 - Raleigh, NC - Red Hat Amphitheater w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-17-21 - Charlotte, NC - Metro Credit Union Amphitheater w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-18-21 - North Charleston, SC - North Charleston Coliseum & PAC w/ Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers

7-23-21 - Poplar Bluff, MO - Black River Coliseum w/ Jamey Johnson

7-24-21 - Kirksville, MO - NEMO Fairgrounds w/ Jamey Johnson

7-29-21 - Selbyville, DE - The Freeman Stage at Bayside w/ Jamey Johnson

7-30-21 - Wheeling, WV - Capitol Music Hall w/ Jamey Johnson

7-31-21 - Frederick, MD - Weinberg Center For The Arts w/ Jamey Johnson

8-1-21 - Webster, MA - Indian Ranch w/ Jamey Johnson

Stay current with everything Chris Hennessee on his website chrishennessee.comand follow him on social platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to the official artist YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

Music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Amazon Music and more.

About Chris Hennessee:

Singer/songwriter, Chris Hennessee loaded up his truck in 1998 and headed out of Decatur, TN bound for Nashville and chasing his dreams like so many others before him. Somewhere in the past 23 years, he’s realized it is the chasing that is important. He collaborated with the band The Wild Feathers, and their song “Hennessee” was featured on the TV show “Nashville.” Rolling Stone named him one of “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know” in 2018, and while doors continue to open, he never takes any of it for granted. Regardless of the outcome, getting out of his comfort zone and going for it is what it’s all about. These days, Chris is blessed to have the opportunity to write and play with some of the most talented people in the world. He’s also been fortunate to have his songs recorded by Cody Johnson, Cody Jinks, Billy Currington, Rodney Carrington, Kevin Fowler, Corey Morrow, Roger Creager, Trent Willmon, Tate Stevens and Sam Williams. As a member of Jamey Johnson’s band, Chris has shared the stage with Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, Kid Rock, Ronnie Dunn, Emmylou Harris and many more.

Since the Fall of 2010 Chris has been opening shows for one of the coolest acts in the business (and good friend), Mr. Jamey Johnson.

One thing Chris knows for sure, God has a plan for all of us, and odds are those plans aren’t exactly the plans we’ve made for ourselves. Just let him drive and enjoy the ride! He’s been blessed with a beautiful (inside and out) wife who supports him 100 percent, a supportive family and the opportunity to play guitar and tell stories for a living. He couldn’t ask for more.

Chris Hennessee, singer/songwriter and long time Jamey Johnson bandmate, recently released “Twilight In The South,” the first song off his brand-new album with the same name. The album includes ten new songs written by Chris and co-writers including Trent Willmon, Chris Dubois and Jeremy Bivens. The project also includes “Weatherman,” a song written and made famous by Hank Williams Jr. The new album, produced by Hennessee and band-mate Cody Leppo, was recorded in Coopertown, TN at Aura Lea Studios.

Hennessee notes: “Cody and I spent a few months holed up in his studio recording this record. The two of us would go in the morning and come out in the evening with a basically completed track. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had making a record.”

The album includes the afore mentioned “Twilight In The South” as the title track. “I wrote this one with Chris Dubois over ten years ago. Chris Stapleton was singing demo’s back then and he sang on this one. My wife has loved the demo for so long, so I decided to give it a try on this record, and it turned out great!”

“Blacktop Blues” was written with Hennessee’s long time friend Trent Willmon. “It’s a driving song” Chris notes. “Trent and I wrote this one with that in mind, something that makes ya want to just go faster.”

“Back To Tennessee” is a heartfelt ballad of Hennessee’s home state. “It’s one of, if not, my favorite track on the album. It has all the elements of Tennessee music. It has fiddle and banjo for the East Tennessee and Nashville folks, and a little slide guitar for the Memphis side of the state. I am so proud to be from the Volunteer state and I hope this song reflects that.”

This will be the fifth album release for Chris in the last decade. His most recent album “Ramble” was released in 2018 and included “Wrong End Of The Rainbow,” an all out Honky Tonk tune that included a duet with Chris’s long time friend, Jamey Johnson. The title track, “Ramble,” included an appearance by none other than Alison Krauss on Fiddle and background vocals.


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