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Carrington MacDuffie Releases "Because I Couldn't Have You"

Indie singer / songwriter Carrington MacDuffie releases “Because I Couldn’t Have You” as her latest single lyric video, the follow-up to her rollicking uptempo “Blue Christmas” single.

With a modern sound of electric rock and a hint of reggae, this is not a typical song that anyone would expect to hear on the day of love. “The girl in this song isn’t getting her way, but she’s being resourceful in the face of adversity, with much levity and tremendous sex appeal,” says Carrington MacDuffie. “It’s a different’ slant on Valentine’s Day: even if she couldn’t have the one she wanted, she’s definitely got a date for Friday night.” “Because I Didn’t Have You” is the first single off of MacDuffie’s forthcoming EP “I’m The One,” which will be released in the spring. With a fresh new outlook on music, Carrington has taken a bold step to remain unique in her musical style by mixing several genres into one unified sound. Carrington is 100% hands on from start to finish, from writing to producing, her creative touch shines bright, proving that just “Because I Couldn't Have You,” doesn’t mean you quit trying. Listen / stream / buy here: Carrington MacDuffie Live: MAR 18 Darwin's Pub / Austin, Texas MAR 19 Darwin's Pub / Austin, Texas


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