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Ashlie Amber Strikes Gold with Latest Single “Those Nights”

Everyone knows all too well the feeling of staying up late with that one person on your mind. The person that stays on your mind all day, the person you absolutely just can’t stop thinking about. From the way they smile to the way they say your name, sometimes there’s just nothing else for you to do than to simply give in. This is what Ashlie Amber’s latest single, “Those Nights,” is all about; those nights when you all you can do is surrender yourself to the endless thoughts of that one that you love.

“Those Nights” was the first song Amber wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is her first song that was written entirely by Amber alone. Given the significance of the song Amber felt it was important that this was the first song she released in 2021. “This song was inspired by a personal experience of course, and I would say that the majority of people have experienced some version of one of ‘Those Nights’ with somebody they love/d,” says Amber.

Amber also has a new song titled “Open” set to be released on May 21 on all streaming platforms. You can pre-save her upcoming single here!


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