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An Empowering Debut Single by The Pretty Wild

The Pretty Wild's debut single follows a character that seemingly has it all. But having it all is not all it's cracked up to be.

This character is looking for some kind of fulfillment in life and feels alone. She doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror and turns to something that masks happiness - Xanax and champagne. Paired with the catchy melody that is bound to get stuck in fans’ heads, sister duo, Jill and Julia, “start a deeper conversation, in a cheeky and playful way.”

The duo’s ability to empower their audience to be themselves, as well as their authentic honesty and bold personalities allows The Pretty Wild to come out swinging with this debut.

The empowering duo is blending the genres of country, alternative and rock - y'allternative - and this new sound and the meaningful lyrics are just the beginning for The Pretty Wild.

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