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Pime Hernandez’ New Single “Whiskey Pretty” Hurts So Good!

In his new song “Whiskey Pretty”, Nashville based singer-songwriter Pime Hernandez paints a beautifully painful collage of all the different ways that heartbreak and alcohol can blend together, be it literally or metaphorically. The heartfelt Country Rock power ballad dives into all the ways we reach for a little comfort in a bottle or shot glass to deal with our matters of the heart.

After a mood setting intro of a soft Banjo melody over passionately strummed minor chords on the acoustic guitar Pime describes the first scenario of the song, that initial moment of letting down his guard when the booze first starts working, bringing back all the memories he’s been trying to forget, "Just takes one sip out of the bottle to get me thinking about you”. Pop drums and electric guitars enhance the meaning of that sudden moment. In the chorus he then realizes that no amount of it can bring back the feelings he's missing, “another shot of bourbon whiskey couldn’t make me feel the way you do”. And lastly, in a powerfully honest bridge at the end of the song he surrenders to the fact that he’s hooked, “whether I’m sober or feeling bullet proof, you got me drowning in you”. He realizes he’s hooked in the same bad way as someone would be to the bottle.

The song sweeps you up right where you are and Pime’s soothing, slightly raspy vocals instantly wrap you into that comforting blanket you didn’t know you were needing.

“Whiskey Pretty” is about knowing better but not being able to help yourself. Going back to pretty memories that you know will make you miserable, because in the end they’re only “whiskey Pretty”.

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