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"Windy City" Made With a Personal Touch

Alison Krauss' new album "Windy City" was released on February 17. This is Krauss' first solo album since "Forget About It" in 1999. The sound changed from her former albums and her collaborations with Union Station, making it more of a country than a bluegrass album.

The musician and singer picked country songs and gave them her own personal touch. With her producer Buddy Cannon, Krauss chose songs like the title track "Windy City," which is a heartbreak song about Chicago, where she is begging to get her man back. She's walking the lonely streets of the city wondering if she'll ever win him back again.

On her album "Windy City" she's professionally covering country songs, but she's also making each song charmingly personal. Songs like "All Alone Am I" by Brenda Lee, John Hartford's "Gentle On My Mind" made famous by Glen Campbell in 1968, "Poison Love," "Losing You" and "River in the Rain" are covered on her album with guest musicians including Hank Williams Jr., Jamey Johnson, Sidney Cox and Suzanne Cox and Cannon's daughter Melonie Cannon.

As it is her style Alison Krauss featured a lot of ballads on her new album, but she also got a few songs with a little bit of tempo on there. "It’s Goodbye And So Long To You," originally sang by The Osborne Brothers and the song "Poison Love" by Johnnie and Jack give the album more vigor.

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