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Jacob Bryant Reminds us Why It's Important to Be You!

At the beginning of the week, I had the pleasure of talking to 26-year-old country artist Jacob Bryant, who I caught while leaving the guitar store. He’s got his own unique sound that leans toward the Bluegrass side, which slips through a bit in his latest single “A Woman’s Touch”. Bryant said that it was “more on the sexy side, getting me out of my comfort zone a little bit”. He also mentioned how it is mixed with rock and blues, and they are shooting the music video for it in the upcoming week, so keep an eye out!

Bryant told us that he started playing music at just 8 years old, playing Bluegrass with his grandparents, who had a Bluegrass band. Growing up he played in his church until he got into country music. He lived in Nashville for two years, but he couldn’t escape his Georgian routes and decided that lifestyle fit him and his sound better than music city.

When asked about his writing rituals, Bryant said “I only write when I have something that moves me”. We loved that, since so many songs today are about the same general things. By only writing about things he can personally relate to, Bryant is providing us with some heartfelt, deep tracks. He also said his favorite type of person to co-write with is someone who has been through the same kind of experiences he had.

As for artists trying to get into the industry, Bryant said, “Be yourself. I know a lot of artists come into town trying to be like or sound like somebody else, and that’s something I’ve always been proud of –I’ve always stuck to my own. A lot of people say ‘you know you could’ve made it already if you did more modern pop-country’ and I’m like ‘that’s not the kind of picture I want to paint as an artist. I’m going to make music that I like and if people like it, so be it. I’ll keep doing what makes me happy and play the music I love’. So my advice to anybody is to stick true to who you are and be original”.

We had a great time talking to Bryant and loved his down to earth personality. He is a true talent that gets success off of purely doing what he loves. Check out more of Jacob Bryant here!

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