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Music and Golf

For the majority of songwriters and artists these days, the dreams of the big payoff, becoming stars, are not really achievable goals. It is always lofty to shoot for, of course, but there are other reasons to be involved with music. Sharing what is “indie ourselves, with as many people as possible as one. “Legacy writing”, or writing to “leave something behind to let people know who we were” is another. Mostly it is just being involved with the creative process, for most people.

A very appropriate analogy would be that of the sport of GOLF.

Millions upon millions of people, buy clubs, rent carts, play regularly, purchase clothes, lessons, read books, visit web sites, watch it on television, constantly practice, get around others who have the same passion, many participate in local events, charity tournaments, even make trips around the world, and a very few make it through the ranks of the amateurs and even fewer break through to the professional ranks.

In music, many people purchase and use equipment, get computer software to record, work constantly on songs and performing, get around others with the same passion, visit web sites, get instruction, video themselves, put those videos on the net, participate in local events, charities, make trips to all points around, and a very few break through to the upper levels of amateurs and fewer break through to the professional ranks.

Both are about self-expression and self-achievement. And both have similar pathways to stardom. Professional golfers start off young, working thousands of hours, participating in their local, then regional events. As they win, their standing and abilities speak for them. Working their way up. In music, people start young, and build their abilities and reputations in their local areas. As their reputations spread, so do their opportunities. Some will graduate to larger regions, and some will go to three of the major music centers in the US, New York, LA, or Nashville.

It all takes time, patience, drive and determination. And while everyone won’t hit “the big time”, everyone can better themselves, stretch out in their abilities, and enjoy challenging, rewarding hobbies. The real key in music is to TOUCH LIVES.

When you sit across from someone and make their day by some song you wrote or performed, that is a payoff. Hearing that you helped someone get through a rough time in your life, helped them through life’s challenges, medical issues, death of loved ones, or personal strife, THAT is when you get your pay off.

It might not always be financial but it can be just as rewarding.

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