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Jack Ingram's "Midnight Motel" is Exactly What We Are All Looking For

If you are on the hunt for some calming inspiration, Jack Ingram’s “Midnight Motel” will be all you are listening to for the next couple of months. After going seven years without an album release, Ingram has perfected a way to show all of himself through his music. “Midnight Motel” has the perfect balance of sad, relatable breakup songs and uplifting, memorable melodies. You realize in the very beginning that it’s going to be a personal album as he starts out the first song, “Old Motel,” with studio-banter of Jack instructing the band. It gives the listeners a feeling of intimacy, as if they were a part of the album being recorded.

All of the songs have a slow vibe filled with analogies and metaphors about having faith and pushing through. With lyrics like “Don’t start a fight you know you can’t win” and “You know it’s always gonna rain,” Ingram makes all of his songs very easy for his listeners to apply to their own lives. The album was recorded live and has mistakes on it, left in on purpose to show how music is really created and how the process is different for everyone.

Ingram has a very distinct sound, not quite deep country and not quite alternative, but somewhere in the middle. “Midnight Motel” does a great job of making something very personal also relatable, and shows that taking a risk and being creative with your music pays off.

To get your fix of Jack Ingram’s new album, click here!

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