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Our Top 10 Music Industry Magazine Picks

The music industry is complex. Whether you’re a fan, artist, songwriter, or employee in the industry, it can be overwhelming with so much content. With an ever changing music scene, it can be confusing to know where to start or how to keep up with it. We’ve rounded up some of our "go-to's" for your everyday music needs!

There’s a reason Billboard is one of the top used sites. If you’re someone who likes to track what’s hot and what’s not, Billboard is the answer to your prayers. Not only does the site tell you what’s topping the charts, but how long it’s been on the charts, and how many spots a song is moving up or down week to week. Beyond chart tracking, Billboard offers relevant news for industry members of all generations.

Music Row is a great way to feel like you really have an “in” in the music industry. Beyond being used by music professionals to know what’s going on, locally, in Nashville, it’s also a way for fans to get an inside glimpse of news they couldn't normally see. With categories on artists, publishing, and touring, you’ll always feel like you have the authentic Nashville scoop.

If you love live music, look no further than Pollstar. Pollstar is the best site to check out tours, shows, and festivals of every genre. Whether you’ve want to find your favorite artists next show, or just have an itch for any live show near you, this site has the hook up. With the ability to search for artists, cities, or concert news, Pollstar is a avid concert goers best friend.

Music Starts Here is a diverse site perfect for people working in the music industry. It’s a great way to see what local songwriters, artists, musicians, and producers are up to, as well as connect and network. An account specific to your industry position, with Music Starts Here, is an awesome way to get an inside look, behind the scenes, of the industry.

This site is the best for discovering new music. If you’re trying to expand your musical horizon, All Music has a tab strictly for discovering new music based on genre, mood, and theme. There are endless rabbit trails for discovering music, and is an amazing way to branch out, musically.

CMT is basically a powerhouse when it comes to country music and entertainment. If you love all things country, is exactly what you need in your life. One of the best features of the website is the awards section. With this, you can keep track of your favorite country stars and their involvement with the CMA's. If you love country music's glitz and glamour, is for you.

CMJ has a cool, indie feel to it. It’s a site that revolves around giving its audience a meaningful listening experience. It’s all about exposing and getting to know artists you may not be familiar with, including an awesome mixtape feature. The CMJ mixtape is a playlist updated monthly with FREE tracks... Killer tracks to be specific.

Taste of Country is a one-stop shop for country music fans. The website is jammed packed with news, new artists, songs, videos, tours, fun quizzes, festival information, and so on. You can tell Taste of Country was created for the everyday country fan, no matter where they are.

Live Nation is a powerhouse, when it comes to live entertainment. If you want to track tours and get updates regarding your favorites bands and artists, check out Live Nation. With a well organized website, they make it easy for viewers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

American Songwriter is all about bringing a wide variety of jams to music lovers. From country to classical to electronica, they’ve got you covered. One of the coolest features of the site is the access to exclusive interviews, with your favorite artists. There’s something special that connects you to an artist, by getting to see a personal interview about their lives and upcoming work. American Songwriter gives you an intimate look at your favorite music, and the minds behind it.


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