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In Charge Interviews Nikki Briar

When it comes to Country Music, Who would you say is INCHARGE right now?

(Nikki) I think female artists are starting to take action and charge in the music industry along side the handsome country boys out there. I am proud to be a female country artist although I admit it is a challenge because it is a very male dominated genre. I have had the honor to open and perform with amazing artists, 90% male, so I do look forward to doing a GIRL POWER kinda of concert soon!

What’s IN CHARGE & drives your songs? Music or lyrics?

(Nikki) Both really, they go hand-in-hand so the music needs to emulate the strength of the lyrics and the story and vice versa. When I wrote my songs, sometimes the melody comes first and the lyrics unfold and other times I have the lyrics and concept in mind. When i wrote my new song BIG RED TRUCK it came together in 15 minutes while I sat in my truck and wrote the lyrics and melody, I was pretty proud after we recorded it how it came together and now it is an audience favorite!

If there were one aspect of your career that you could do more of, what would it be?

(Nikki) We're always looking to enhance our performances and do more with our music. We perform 5 times a week, travel and as a band enjoy each other's company like a family. We want to do more tours to the West Coast and Hawaii, that is what we are working on for the summer of 2016, just getting out there and doing different things.

What drives your relationship with your fans?

(Nikki) The fun we have with our fans and the appreciation we show them! At every show we go early to hang with fans and stay late, you'll always find my band and I taking pictures and just chatting with fans. At every show I jump off the stage and line dance with the audience and it is always one of my favorites parts of the show. When the see I'm loving what I do and having fun, they are more engaged and ready to join in.

Who’s “IN CHARGE” in your household?

(Nikki) LOL Although my husband is in the army and the "take charge" type,, our household is ran by our pets (5 cats, finches and a pup), all of which are rescues and the loves of our lives! Everything we do we keep them in mind and although we have our own schedules with work and performing, we make sure to give them our undivided attention and lots of hugs and kisses!


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