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Up & Comer: Coffey

Country music is crossing into a new era, with new talent pushing the boundaries of the genre. Country/Pop up-and-comer, Coffey, is not only on the forefront of this movement, but is winning over countless fans every day. The Bangs, TX native has captured the hearts of a national audience with his infectious personality and wildly catchy songs. His newest single, “Magazine Girl,” is a heartfelt song for any woman struggling with her self esteem. We are all beautiful just the way we are, and with a song this catchy, we just might believe that. “Magazine Girl” is the debut single off of his new album, “This Is Me,” which released today!

Be sure to also check out Coffey’s single, “Mr. Red White And Blue,” a tribute to the U.S. military and theme song for the wine company, Heroic Red. A portion of every wine bottle sold goes to donating a mortgage-free home to wounded veterans. To learn more about Heroic Red, check out their website HERE.

Check out Coffey’s new single, “Magazine Girl,” HERE.

Buy his new album, “This Is Me,” on iTunes HERE.


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