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Single Review: Alexandra Demetree's "Outta My Head"

Alexandra Demetree, an SSM Nashville Records artist, has released her current single "Outta My Head." On choosing to record "Outta My Head," Alexandra says on her website that "the song just felt good. It's an experience that most of us can relate to."

The country artist's take on "Outta My Head" is lively and easy to relate to, while showing off Alexandra's range. The song begins with driving guitars, and layers it on with an airy, electric guitar. Then Alexandra's voice comes in, and it really is all her own.

In "Outta My Head" I love lyrics like, "Why can't I break free, from the love you gave me?" This track is quite the break up song, with a soaring, anthem-like bridge to drive it home. Alexandra sings with no hesitation, belting higher than most can even sing.

Find the single, "Outta My Head" HERE

Check out Alexandra's website HERE

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