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Katy Perry’s New Album, Smile, is Her Story of Resilience

Katy Perry released her new album, Smile, this Friday - full of tracks with lyrics of resilience and self reflection. This is Perry’s first full album release since Witness in 2017, and tells the story of her personal growth within the past three years. Kicking off the album is her single “Never Really Over,” a fan favorite released in 2019. Produced by Zedd, it prepares the listener for the electric feel of the rest of Smile. The synth-pop feel of “Champagne Problems” and “Tucked” feel like they should be played on the disco floor. Perry includes themes of self empowerment - “Cry About it Later” emphasizes her carefree, true-to-self attitude. However, the album is reflective as well. “Not the End of the World” communicates a fierce sentiment about keeping hope when all seems lost, and “Resilient” is about inner strength. Perry stated that she wrote most of the tracks on Smile when she was in her “darkest place,” following her breakup with Orlando Bloom and experiencing struggles with depression. She explained that the album is about her experience “coming out of hell.” The powerful album is out now, available to stream and download everywhere.


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