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Got footage ya'll think we should see? Send it over to us at!


-Send video submissions to


-Include in your submission the titledescription, and the video link.


-All video submissions will get proper credit if accepted.



*By submitting your video, you are representing to IN CHARGE COUNTRY that you have all necessary rights in the video to authorize our use and reuse of the audio and visual material it contains, that your submission of the video is governed by our Online Video Submission Agreement, and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of that Agreement.




Online Video Submission Agreement


Thank you again for submitting your video to IN CHARGE COUNTRY  for consideration for posting. This Agreement will confirm the rights and responsibilities that you and IN CHARGE COUNTRY  have with regard to the video.


By submitting the video, you hereby grant and its parent company, BGE, LLC, (“BGE”) the irrevocable right and license to duplicate, broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the video, or to allow  IN CHARGE COUNTRY to grant sub-licenses to third parties to duplicate, broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the video, on the internet, television, mobile platforms or other media throughout the world.


You agree that  IN CHARGE COUNTRY  shall not be required to make any payment to you or anyone else in exercise of the rights granted in this Agreement, and acknowledge that you shall receive valuable consideration in the form of placement of and promotion of the video.


You represent that you either created the video you submit you have the right to distribute the material.





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