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“Whiskey to Work,” The New Chad Bushnell Track is the Drinking Anthem of the Year.

Chad Bushnell released his new honky tonk anthem that's keeping feet stomping, hands clapping, and glasses empty everywhere. Redefining what the working man is, Bushnell reminds his fans and people everywhere to not take life too serious. His newest track titled, "Whiskey to Work," has been the highlight of late nights and parties everywhere for this reason.

Being an avid whiskey drinker himself, Bushnell knows the right things to say to hype everyone up for a fun night out. This song incorporates the classic country feel with a bit of rock, and this combination makes for a song you cannot sit still while listening to. Bushnell not only proved his ability to write a song all people can sing along with, but he also uses his instrumentation perfectly for a night of dancing.

Any situation calls for a celebration. Leaving tired and sad after long shift? Put on "Whiskey to Work" and you're already feeling lifted and buzzed. Bushnell uses his country charm and contagious spirit to influence people to try letting loose and put that "Whiskey to Work" for a night.

Bushnell's chorus has the money lines, “I take that whiskey work / I take that bourbon to church / baptize me in beam I’m a drinking machine/ Kentuckys so good it hurts but it’s quenching my thirst / I’m sweating 90 proof right through my shirt / I put that whiskey to work.” Using the names of the spirits we all know and love, Bushnell creates a clever chorus that’s easy to sing and remember. When at a bar drinking you want a song that is fun, easy to sing, and easy to remember, which is all strategically demonstrated here. This relatable and catchy song calls for a crowd of singing whiskey lovers everywhere to join together and enjoy.

Chad Bushnell is the kind of artist you want to drink a whiskey while listening to and go get a whiskey with. Stream “Whiskey to Work” on all platforms for a good time.


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