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Watch Clark - Backscatter Effect

tWith 'Backscatter Effect', Seattle electronic musician Watch Clark begins the first of a trilogy of planned EPs for the year 2020. A fast follow up to 2019’s full length album 'Couch', 'Backscatter Effect' is a five track rush of songs about politics, love, friendship, and the way all three often go horribly wrong. Having already been featured on Indie radio stations across the US, UK, and parts of Europe Watch Clark has also collaborated and performed live with Assemblage 23, Symbion Project, The Gentry, and several other international electronic acts.

“Our media cycles are spinning faster and growing more intense,” states Paul Furio, the musician behind Watch Clark, “and I wanted to put something out that both captured that essence while also capitalizing on the same phenomena.” The opening track, 'Toxic Friend', is a dark foray into a relationship gone sour, where trust turned into something cruel and ultimately corrupting. 'Propaganda Works' counters with an uptempo beat and sardonic lyrics that bemoan the current state of political influence. Track three, 'Pretty Pictures', offers a statement on the dark side of the world of Instagram models. 'Anger Is Your Drug' is a Punk inspired dive about the types of people who have poor impulse control, followed up by the pulsing analog tones and driving kick drum of the spoken word track 'Consider the Titanic.' Watch Clark will release a feature video for the second track, 'Propaganda Works', shot and directed by Pacific Northwest company Influence Media. Other music videos are planned in the coming months. 'Backscatter Effect' will be the band’s fourth release since their premier album in 2013.


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