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Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses Latest Single "Struggle" Available NowSingle reaches 136,000 views

Rising country music stand-outVonn Kiss & The Dark Horseskeeps the fire lit with yet another burning single that speaks for itself. The new song “Struggle” which was released on April 3,was produced and co-written by Greg Archilla and stays true to Vonn’s signature classic country style. Available on all streaming platforms, “Struggle” serves as a bridge between what lies on the other side of hard work, risk and skill when giving your all towards a dream.

“The song ‘Struggle’ is basically what it says for every artist out there just chasing a dream,” Vonn explains. “It's trying to find a balance between living the dream, spending time with family and friends and the music business as a whole.”

This all-American artist continues to create new hearty country singles that resonate with listeners in times of need. The comforting tone of “Struggle” draws fans into a simple scene of Vonn Kiss’ journey as he tries to figure out the balance between family, life and dreams. The single leaves just enough out to keep the mystery alive while allowing fans to deeply connect with the artist and his lyrics. Vonn’s genuine grit and passion echo throughout “Struggle” and leave the world wanting more. Fans will not want to miss this one-of-a-kind release and have a lot to look forward to from Vonn Kiss.

You can stream Vonn Kiss’s new single “Struggle” directly onApple Music,Spotify, andAmazon Music. This single along with more are to be dropped in the coming months contributing to a highly anticipated fall album release. Visit his website and socials linked below to keep up with future announcements and releases.


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