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Up Till "3 in the Morning" Listening to Carvin Walls New Song

Carvin Walls, made up of Troy Walls and Kelly Walls (Carvin), is a country duo, married couple, and newly parents. Carvin Walls reflect on their short days and long nights with a newborn in their song “3 in the Morning.” The couple welcomed their first baby boy Ryder into their family on March 27, 2020. When they found out they were having a child, they were anxious to take on parental roles. The two started writing “3 in the Morning” when they found out Kelly was pregnant and hit the recording studio when Ryder was two weeks old. Just a year later, baby Ryder is a year old and their project they worked so hard on finally complete.

Carvin Walls asked fans to send in 15 second clips of announcements (pregnancy, gender reveal), pregnancy footage, babies, families and little kids for their music video. The music video shows footage of their journey of becoming parents along with their fans' experiences. Watch it below:

The couple sings “It’s just two of us tonight, but it’s going to be three in the morning.” This line does not only portray the time on the clock but more so a moment in time. They say that going from a family of two to a family of three was a huge change for them, and when asked “what changed the most,” they say everything. They experience more emotions and put baby Ryder before themselves in every situation. Carvin Walls is excited for everyone to hear their song that perfectly captures their reality to the road of parenthood. Stream Carvin Walls “3 in the Morning” on all platforms!


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