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Troye Sivan Releases New Remix of “Easy” Together With Spacey Kacey

Listening back to the original version of Troye Sivan’s hit single “Easy” off of his EP “In A Dream” it makes all the sense in the world that the smooth train beat of the song would be an open invitation for a Remix with a Country artist, and who would be more perfect than Kacey Musgraves, defying the lines between Country and Pop like no other. The Remix was produced by and features producer icon Mark Ronson, who added a stunningly beautiful melancholy to the song.

It dropped yesterday together with a moody music video showing the more infamous side of Nashville including motels, karaoke bars or a scene in front of "Jenna’s Adult Toy Box". The two singers are portrayed like they’re on a run together, metaphorically running away from their mistakes and regrets, “finding solace in each other” as Sivan said in an interview with Vogue. The video is both dark and incredibly beautiful, with long head shots of the beautiful artists singing: "What the hell did we do? Tell me we'll make it through”.


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